Bad Breath

Also known as halitosis, bad breath is a common mouth condition, often embarrassing. Bad breath usually occurs due to poor oral hygiene and is caused by the breeding of bacteria in the mouth, which live on food particles stuck between teeth.

Sometimes, bad breath may also be an indication of a poor diet and a sluggish digestive system; nevertheless, there are many herbs that can reduce the activity of bacteria in the mouth, leave it fresh, and prevent bad breath.

Bad Breath

Bad Breath Natural Remedy

Fennel Seeds & Lemon Juice

How The Bad Breath Remedy Works

Bad breath is an unpleasant disorder that can be caused by eating certain types of foods, gum disease, smoking and other medical disorders. This fennel seeds and lemon juice remedy helps to prevent bad breath in the following ways:

  • Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds fight many of the common bacteria on the gums and tongue that cause bad breath.
  • Lemon Juice: The acid in lemon juice prevents the growth of bad breath causing bacteria in your mouth.

How To Prepare The Bad Breath Remedy

1. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of ground fennel seeds to a cup of boiling water, let it steep for 5 minutes and drink it.
2. Drink this remedy up to 4 times per day until the bad breath subsides.

Here we’ve listed  some of the best herbs that could prevent bad breath in a jiffy.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is a popular essential oil in many aromatherapy practices, and it is being used in many cosmetics and skin creams too. Tea tree extracts possess wonderful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the activity of bacteria in the mouth, calm down swelling and inflammation of the gums, and promote overall oral health.

Tea tree extracts, when used in mouth rinses, does not just reduce bad breath, but also prevent many oral caries.


A large number of toothpastes and mouth rinses have peppermint extracts in them- and there’s a good reason why. Peppermint is one of the best natural remedies when it comes to dealing with bad breath and other tooth problems. Peppermint essential oils don’t just create a fresh feeling in the mouth, but also prevent bacterial activity that may be causing bad breath.


Clove is one of the best natural remedies when it comes to oral health. Clove oil is used in many parts of the world as an herbal remedy to deal with toothache and tooth infections. Clove is also believed to stimulate the flow of Qi (life force energy of the body), which reduces bad breath and symptoms associated with many other health conditions.

Using a clove rinse as an alternative to mouthwash is believed to be actually very healthy in terms of oral health.


Sage has been used as a healing herb since the ancient times. Several studies have now validated its use against many harmful bacteria, particularly those in the mouth that cause cavities and tooth infections, which in turn leads to bad breath.

Using sage extracts in your mouth cleanser can prevent bad breath and bacterial and fungal infections of the mouth.


Myrrh is an herb that has been in use as a remedy for bad breath since over thousands of years. Myrrh extracts are a wonderful natural remedy when it comes to stunting down the activity of germs that cause infection in the mouth, and thereby, preventing many other oral health conditions.


Eucalyptus has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in dealing with bad breath- it is being used by many herbal medicine practitioners around the world to deal with bad breath. Some studies have also found that eucalyptus can help reduce bad breath by reducing the amount of volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for bad breath, and cleanse the mouth naturally.

Eucalyptus teas are available at many herbal specialty stores- drinking this tea may also help.

Pine needle

The resin and oil of this herb have been in use since a long time to deal with a range of medical illnesses. Pine needle naturally contains terpene alcohols that are basically cleansing agents, and are very toxic to microbes and infection-causing bacteria. Pine needle extracts are also believed to contain many antioxidant properties, and taking them can not just reduce the activity of bacteria in the mouth, by also improve overall oral health!

Use pine needle extracts with water as a mouth rinse occasionally to get rid of bad breath.


Coriander leaves are used in many parts of the world to garnish dishes and food preparations, and are believed to be rich in vitamin C. Boiling some coriander leaves in water and then rinsing the mouth with this cooled solution can help control bad breath to some extent.


Fenugreek is a popular spice used in Indian cooking, and it is believed to have wonderful effects in removing bad breath and odor from the mouth. Boil a cup of water and add some fenugreek seeds to it, let it stay for 5-10 minutes, steep and then rinse the mouth with this solution.