Cysts and Polyps

Cysts and polyps are basically fluid-filled growths in the body that may occur in different areas of the body. While these are usually harmless, they may sometimes cause interference and may even certain serious complications.

Ovarian cysts, which develop in the ovary in women, can be life threatening, and need to be dealt with as soon as they are diagnosed. Supplementation of medications and drugs with some herbs can be much more beneficial in dealing with cysts and polyps.

Here we’ve put down a list of some of the best-known herbs that are effective in dealing with cysts and polyps.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is thought to be one of the best natural remedies that help reduce the occurrence of polyps and cysts. Wild yam is thought to be rich in chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen produced in women, and helps relieve hormonal imbalance that may be occurring due to the presence of cysts.

The root of this herb is also found to be effective in dealing with ovarian pain.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is often used by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners to deal with conditions associated with hormonal imbalance. Combined with red clover, it is believed to be effective in balancing hormones and helping women who suffer from irregular menstrual cycle and other menstrual problems deal with their condition.

Black cohosh extracts are also thought to flush out excess hormones that could be the cause of development of ovarian cysts.

Red Clover

Red clover extracts are often used as a remedy for toothache, but it turns out, it may be effective in dealing with conditions associated with hormonal imbalances too! Many herbalists regard red clover extracts as an effective treatment against conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and other related conditions.


Many herbalists have been using the extracts of chasteberry as a treatment for excess hormonal production. It is believed that the extracts of this herb could help lower down high levels of estrogen that may occur as a result of ovarian cysts, thereby reducing the symptoms associated with the condition.


Dandelion is yet another effective herb that could be useful in dealing with cysts. The diuretic properties of dandelion extracts help flush out the toxin accumulations in the liver and cleanse it, which could in turn, facilitate the removal of excess hormones from the body, thereby reducing the risk associated with cysts and polyps.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is yet another popular Ayurvedic remedy and is believed to help support the reproductive health of a woman. The extracts of this herb are thought to guard against ovarian cysts and improve hormonal function.

Milk Thistle

The seeds of the milk thistle plant are thought to be wonderfully efficient in supporting hormonal balance. It is regarded as one of the best herbs for liver health, and is known to have detoxifying properties that purify the liver and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with hormonal problems.

Maca Root

Maca root extracts are well known for their efficiency in promoting fertility and relieving hormonal imbalance. The extracts of this herb are believed to balance the hormones and regulate the secretion of the hormone progesterone which in turn, nourishes the reproductive and the endocrine system.


Tribulus extracts are thought to help normalize ovulation and other hormone related conditions in the body. It is thought to possess nourishing properties that tone the female reproductive system and reduce the symptoms associated with the development of ovarian cysts and polyps.


The ariel (above the ground) parts of the yarrow plant are thought to provide relief in conditions associated with the pelvic region. Several studies have found how yarrow extracts could help restore ovarian health, regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve pelvic pain and congestion.

Dong Quai Root

The root of the Dong Quai herb is thought to be one of the best natural herbs that regulate hormonal balance. It is often used to deal with congested fertility states, and may also reduce pain and other problems associated with the reproductive organs.

It is believed that this herb improves circulation to the different reproductive organs and promotes overall reproductive health.
It is important to rule out the risk of allergies and possible drug interactions associated with the use of any of these herbs. Make sure you seek medical advice before taking any of these herbs as a remedy for cysts and polyps.