With rapid increase in modernization and advancing technologies, our lives have become quite comfortable, but at the same time, the complexity and competition factor involved have also gone up. Over the years, exponential increase in competition amongst peers has been observed and as result of which, survival of the fittest has become the norm in today’s world. Competition, work pressure, meeting deadlines, quality of deliverables, exceeding expectation amongst peers to stand out amongst the crowd etc. are some the factors that have been responsible in increasing the stress levels of people all around the world. Work takes a back seat when a person is suffering from high stress levels.

We have listed down some of the best natural herbs to combat stress which do not have any side effects and help us in leading a happy and stress free life.

Valerian Root

Sleep is one of the best ways to combat stress. But often while going to sleep, a stressed out mind encounters various questions. Valerian root helps in providing a calm and natural sleep by triggering the cells in the brain which are responsible for providing sleep responses. It clears the mind of any kind of panic or anxiety that we encounter while going to sleep.


Bergamot is used as oil and it is considered to be one of the best herbs to combat stress. It can be used in eateries as well and doesn’t have any adverse side effects. But special care has to be taken to ensure that we don’t consume the oil in very large quantities.


Chamomile comes as a tea product in the market. The best part of using Chamomile is that we do not need a prescription for purchasing it from the market. Chamomile cannot be used in cases of severe stress issues like panic attacks and clinical depression.


Lavender can be used a tea product as well as oil for aromatherapy. The oil can be used daily to reduce stress levels. A daily bath with lavender before going to the bed can reduce stress levels enormously and ensure a good night’s sleep.


Eucalyptus oil is extracted from Eucalyptus tree and it can be used as spray or a tea product. This is one of the most effective methods to beat stress levels and tests have reported an instant feeling of relaxation after using it. It has many byproducts as well.


Ginger root is accessible to the common man pretty easily and it can be used in a number of ways to combat stress. Ginger can be used in ginger tea and in food as well. It has a great cleansing effect and helps our body get rid of unwanted wastes.


Jojoba is mostly used while taking bath and it has a pretty soothing effect on the skin. The soothing effect is quite effective in beating stress at times, when one feels excessive anxiety. Mostly, jojoba is mixed with other kinds of herbs and oils instead of using it directly.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is mostly used in cases of excessive mental stress. In cases of mental stress, the brain functioning reduces considerably. Ginkgo Biloba acts like a supplement which enhances the functioning of the brain and keeps it healthy. A doctor should be consulted before taking this herb.

Meadow Sweet

Headaches are quite common with people suffering from high stress levels. Meadow sweet is one of the best herbs to combat stress in such cases. It comes as a tea product and can be taken whenever we feel stressed out, but consultation from a doctor is a must before using it.

St. John’s Wort

This is one of the most traditional herbs that are used to beat stress, and it often gives an instant sense of relief from stress, but a doctor needs to be consulted before taking the herb and the right amount of dosage should be taken, as prescribed by the doctor.

For beating stress levels, people use various kinds of sleeping pills and other sedative drugs, but not all of them are good for health in the long run. Most of them have adverse side effects as well, but natural herbs mentioned above don’t have any such adverse side effects.