Styes can be external or internal, both being attributed to the infection to the glands found on the margins of the eyelids. This abscess that forms around the eyelids leads to pain, swelling and redness in the region. There are enough herbs to combat Styes, enough to give you options to choose from.

There are many herbal or natural remedies to get rid of the Styes, and some which can help prevent.

One might try their hands on these natural forms first, before resorting to the ways of antibiotics.

Herbal Compress

One of the best ways to get rid of the Styes as soon as possible is to apply warm compresses on the swelling. You can do so for up to 4 times in a day, and it would be very effective that ways. You can add the herbs: Eyebright, Oregon Grape Root and Goldenseal; and could be used as tea bags while you are applying it as warm compress. This form of medication can also be used for the children, if they face similar issues. Goldenseal is what acts as the antibiotic and is also natural, so all the way healthy for your safe use. The Oregon Grape Root also has the same properties, while Eyebright helps relieve the person from his pain and to get rid of the swelling.


One can make a compress out of Chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory effects. This can be used to your benefit of combating the swelling caused by the Stye.


Eyebright can also be used independently as a cure for Styes. You can use the qualities of this particular herb which contribute towards combating inflammation and also microbes. The major characteristics of this herb are its anti-inflammatory and antiviral qualities. But, one should practice caution while using this; this should be used only for external use. Boil it in water and then strain it out. After that you can use the water to soak the cloth in and apply it as compress. This helps to clear infection real soon because of its properties.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It is a bacterium which causes the swelling in cases of the Styes to grow. The properties of Aloe Vera help in killing the bacteria which causes the infection in the region. You can boil the leaf and then strain, and use the water to wet the cloth and apply it onto the swollen region.

Chamomile Tea and Aloe Vera

A combination of these two is also very effective. You can make a mixture of this preparation and then soak the pack in this mixture before applying it to your eye. Aloe Vera also helps in relieving the pain, and so the combination has a more desirable and comforting effect than using them both independently and separately.


This particular form of spice has many medicinal properties. You can ground nutmeg into a powdered form, and then make a paste out of it, of course upon combining it with water. This paste can be left to dry and then be applied to the Stye. This also has the effect of combating the swelling, and helps it to contract and disappear soon enough.

More often than we think, these solutions are worth trying and very much effective for the purposes of fighting off the infection. These are real safe ways and tested methods to combat and cure the infection of the glands, and do not require any recourse to the allopathic ways of treatment, always.

For some people, when these are not all that effective, or when the Stye seems to be worsening for some, after application of any or all of these, you better be advised to seek medical advice, you never know what all allergies and reactions you might be suffering from.

These herbs to combat Styes are effective when they are. But what you should remember is that, while you are attempting to get the herbal treatments right, you have to keep your hands clean; use sanitized or sterilized cloth pieces or cotton balls. You must take note of the fact that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, so better be really careful.