In these days of science and technology still we have some incurable diseases which are dreadful and life-threatening .Yet we have natural wealth in our hands that hopefully provides some relief and possible help in shrinking or eliminating issues such as tumors.


This is the best to cure cancer as it has the most antioxidant toxins to avoid it to the most cases. This has a special energetic complexion that fights with the microorganisms to keep us healthy and fit. There is evidence that basil can decrease DMBA-induced carcinogenesis. Providing Swiss mice with a diet containing 150 or 300 mg/kg body weight of basil extract decreased


This is the most enrich able herb of all. This is the most achievable medicine available at homes mostly for all. This is a best suitable plant for all sorts of skin diseases too also the most curable herb of its smell to the most prominent mode.


The ability of cardamom to inhibit a chemical to reduce liver effects makes it a great herb. The oil is also specially used for its treatment. This enriches the metabolic rate of the body and increases the immunity towards the organism and resists the body against its ailments.


This belongs to the family of a plant mostly available in Europe. The herb serves the most of the resources to stop the enormous growth of the tumors deliberately. This has got anti-cancer properties both in its seeds as well dry leaves to serve the best of it.


This makes its extravagant nature to drive the infections out from our body making it relief from all sorts of waste materials. This serves the most important part to control metabolism as well controls the cell division process especially the best result can be obtained by the regular use of this in our diet.


This is the most effective part of our meal that tastes good as well treats most of the dreadful diseases like controlling cholesterol levels as well heart diseases. This has greater significance of governing the cell progression rate immunizing the body against foreign antibodies that damages the cells.


The herb plays a major role of creating most useful enzymes in the liver part. The regular use of it for a month specifically increases the enzyme growth thus protect the body from the attack of tumors Not only that even alcoholics increases the rate of tumor effected areas in abundant can easily be reduced with this herb in the most effective manner.


This is otherwise named as wheat grass. The daily consumption of it produces 12 kilograms of chlorophyll to our cells that stimulates the cell growth in an extraordinary way. This mainly acts for the purification of blood. It drives out all impurities from the body as waste aliments. This can be the biggest enemy for a cancer cell as it is very abundant in oxygen with its green color pigment available for the wide production of oxygen thus eradicates cancer cells from the body.


This is the most powerful root plant that supplies antioxidants to liver for the shrink of tumors in growth. This also stimulates the blood supply for all the parts to increase the resistance against to shrink the tumors or completely remove from the body.


The herb is derived from the flower. Intake of this herb for a period of 20 days simply increases the stamina to protect against the anti-microbial as well anti-bacterial organisms that causes much damage to the tissues. The consumption of clove in our food leads to production of antioxidants for the secure liver of course increases the chance of cure to tumors in a relish able mode. This produces estrogen in more thus clears cancer to breast area.

In general, every individual is at favor of rescuing himself from these kinds of studious and embarrassing changes occurred in the body. Hence these are few herbs available at our place and are very much abundant in our diet at home that serves their best in reducing the tumors to some extent. This can be a heart fulfillment word that tends us to relax to some extent with a feel of coming ourselves out of such a disaster causing germ from our body with such simple usable flavoring things of food.