A small shrub native to southwestern Texas, United States, Damiana is prominently known for its small, aromatic flowers. This shrub is often compared to chamomile for its strong, spice-like fragrance, and its leaves are sometimes also prepared into a tea.

In the ancient times, the extracts of this plant were used for several health conditions, and was popularly known to possess aphrodisiac properties. Damiana is also known for its calming and relaxing properties, and is now widely used as a natural anti-stress agent.

Damiana extracts have been used for the following health conditions, and several studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of their use in these.

  • Damiana extracts are a powerful sexual tonic- they bring oxygen to the genital area, increase sexual desire, and also help achieve orgasm naturally.
  • The extracts of this herb have been in use since the ancient times, particularly since they have a stimulating effect on libido, and several studies have also confirmed that the use of this herb can increase sexual activity in both the sexes.
  • In the ancient times, damiana extracts were also known to act as a mild laxative and was used to improve digestion and deal with constipation.
  • Extracts of damiana were also believed to be helpful in relieving anxiety, depression, nervousness and disorders of the sexual origin.
  • Damiana extracts are also used as an energy tonic and several studies have also found that the extracts of this plant could boost libido and help impotent rats conceive.
  • When consumed as a tea, damiana extracts are known to have a relaxing effect.
  • The ancient Mayan Indians used this herb for different purposes like female and male sexual stimulation, asthma, depression, impotence, increased energy and menstrual problems.
  • Long-term use of damiana is also believed to boost sexual performance and fitness.

While the extracts of this herb are completely safe when taken in moderate amounts, it may sometimes also cause headaches and insomnia. Make sure you check for allergic reactions and drug interactions before you consume the extracts of this herb in any form.