Belonging to the Asteraceae group of flowering plants and the genus Taraxacum, dandelion are known for their tiny flowers. This plant had been in use as an herbal medicine since the ancient times, and was used by the Middle Eastern physicians in the 10th and 11th centuries. The leaves, roots and greens of this plant are known to possess valuable therapeutic properties, and are also a part of many medicinal supplements found today.
The coarse leaves of this plant are what earned it its name- the dandelion, which comes from a French word meaning ‘lion-toothed.’ The leaves of this plant are often used in Chinese and Korean food preparations, and is eaten boiled or raw, or in salads.

Dandelion leaves are also an abundant natural source of vitamins, which make it a good choice for an herbal remedy.

Dandelion has many medicinal properties, but they are best used in the following therapeutic preparations

  • Dandelion is known to contain a good number of pharmacologically active compounds, which make it a good choice for herbal remedies for many health problems.
  • Dandelion also contains vitamin C, A and K and also contains important micronutrients like calcium, potassium, manganese and iron.
  • The roots and leaves of this herb are an effective digestive tonic, and are used by many natural and herbal medicine practitioners around the world to deal with irritable bowel movements.
  • When consumed in the form of herbal powder or tea, this herb is thought to act as a mild laxative, and increases bowel movements.
  • Some studies also suggest that dandelion extracts may be effective against conditions such as gallstones, intestinal gas, and loss of appetite, digestive problems and more.
  • Dandelion extracts are also known to be a powerful skin toner and a blood tonic, and is effective against conditions such as eczema, muscle aches, joint pain, bruises and even viral infections.
  • Some research has even found dandelion extracts to be an effective anti-cancer agent.
  • Dandelion extracts contain valuable chemicals that increase the production of urine and decrease swelling and inflammation, which can be particularly helpful for those suffering from urinary tract infections.