A flowering plant that is found growing throughout the US and Canada, Echinacea is widely used as an herbal remedy for common cold. Also known as the black-eyed Susan and the purple coneflower, this plant is a component of many herbal products in the US, and is known for its immune-boosting properties.

The leaves, roots, flowers and stems of this herb are used in different herbal supplements, and can be also brewed into a tea. Different species of this plant are thought to possess different healing and therapeutic properties; however, their ability to prevent cold and cough, and boost the immunity is a factor common to them all.

Several controlled trials have demonstrated the efficiency of Echinacea extracts in treating a wide range of illnesses and health concerns.

Here we’ve elaborated on the different health problems Echinacea has been treated with

  • It is believed that some compounds present in Echinacea may be helpful in preventing and treating cancer. Some researchers even claim that the extracts of this herb may help relieve the side effects of different cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • There is a popular belief that Echinacea is a powerful immunostimulator, which helps strengthen the immunity of the body and prevent cold, cough and other infections.
  • Upper respiratory tract infections can be handled well by using Echinacea extracts as a treatment.
  • Echinacea also acts as a wonderful topical disinfectant- its anti-microbial properties make it a great natural treatment for wounds and infections.
  • Sore throat, urinary tract infection and throat pain can also be handled better when treated with Echinacea extracts.
  • Some studies have found that Echinacea extracts can help reduce and shorten the symptoms associated with different illnesses.
  • Sunburns, slow healing wounds, gingivitis, ear infections, cancer sores, psoriasis and eczema are best treated using Echinacea extracts as a natural treatment.
  • Many OTC medications for hemorrhoids contain Echinacea extracts, since it is believed to contain chemicals that act as a wonderful hemorrhoid remedy.
  • Vaginal infections, bronchitis and enlarged prostate problems can also be managed using Echinacea extracts.