Allium Sativum, also commonly known as garlic, is a plant belonging to the onion species. This herb has been in use since over 7000 years, and is native to central Asia. Garlic has been a part of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine for a long time, and has established its culinary and medicinal importance all over the world.

Today, herbalists and natural medicine practitioners regard garlic as one of the best natural herbs that improve heart health. Several studies have also clarified and confirmed its effectiveness regarding the same.

Garlic, thanks to its valuable antimicrobial properties, is also used along with cinnamon to preserve meat and fishes.

Some of the common uses of garlic include

  • Garlic seems to be effective in reducing the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries, which thereby prevents many cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis and artery blockages.
  • Garlic extracts have been noted for their efficiency in reducing platelet aggregation, and supplementation of this herb is believed to reduce calcification of blood vessels in human patients suffering from high blood cholesterol levels.
  • During the World War 1 and World War 2, garlic was used as an antiseptic agent that helped prevent gangrene. Its bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties make it a good natural disinfectant.
  • Those suffering from diabetes can benefit by adding more garlic to their diet – it is believed that garlic extracts help regulate blood sugar levels naturally, and also prevent complications associated with diabetes.
  • Thanks to its high vitamin C content, garlic can also help prevent scurvy.
  • Supplementation of garlic has been found to boost testosterone levels and may also prove to be an effective remedy for many infections, particularly those pertaining to the chest.
  • Garlic contains certain valuable compounds that also help relieve digestive disorders, fungal infections and acts as a wonderful expectorant for coughs and cold.
  • Recent studies have found that a mouthwash containing 2.5% fresh garlic holds amazing antimicrobial properties which may help prevent tooth decay.
  • Garlic has also been found to enhance the absorption of thiamine, which helps reduce the risk of beriberi deficiency disease.