Also known as the May-tree or hawberry, hawthorn is a species of plants native to northern Europe. The plants belonging to the hawthorn species are short shrubs or trees, but sometimes may grow as tall as 15 m in height.
These trees are known to provide shelter and food to many birds and small animals, and its flowers are important for nectar-feeding insects. The fruits of these trees are commonly used in different Chinese food preparations, and are believed to be nutritious too. The roots, leaves, flowers and berries of this plant are known to contain important medicinal properties that may be useful in different natural and herbal medicines.

Here we’ve put down some of the most popular areas of health where hawthorn has established its use

  • Hawthorn extracts are best used to curb heart diseases and strengthen the heart. Several studies have found that the extracts of hawthorn may be helpful in dealing with chronic heart failure.
  • In several small studies, hawthorn also demonstrated its efficiency in lowering blood pressure levels, thereby improving heart health.
  • It is believed that some compounds present in hawthorn could be helpful in improving clinical symptoms associated with heart disease including palpitations, fatigue, exercise dyspnea.
  • Hawthorn is also known to contain many active ingredients including flavonoids, tannins, oleanolic acid, caffeic acid, phenolic acids and many other compounds that are concerned with improving overall health of the individual and boosting energy levels.
  • Some herbal medicinal practitioners believe that hawthorn may also be effective in treating tapeworm and other intestinal infections.
  • The efficiency of hawthorn as a natural remedy to curb several symptoms associated with heart disease, including chest pain, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats etc. is well known.
  • It is also believed that hawthorn extracts may play a vital role in reducing high blood cholesterol levels and preventing hardening of the arteries.
  • Some herbalists also prescribe hawthorn extracts as a natural remedy for problems associated with the digestive system including stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion etc.
  • Hawthorn as also been found effective in dealing with conditions like urinary tract infection, menstrual problems, sores and boils on the skin, frostbite, skin itching, anxiety etc.