Red Clover

Trifolium pratense, also known as red clover is a species of clover which is native to Western Asia and Europe, and is a short lived, perennial plant with dark pink flowers.

Known for its nitrogen fixation properties, red clover is used as a fodder crop, and is also sometimes used as a green manure crop. Red clover is also sometimes used to prepare an herbal tea, and is found to possess many beneficial medicinal properties.

The flower tops of red clover are believed to be blessed with the best medicinal properties, and are used for the treatment of many health conditions.

Let’s take a look at how red clover can help improve your health

  • Red clover is believed to contain substances known as isoflavones, which when enter the body, convert to phytoestrogens, which mimic the estrogen hormone in the body.
  • Red clover extracts have been found effective in promoting general health and reducing the risk of many minor health concerns like cold and cough.
  • Conditions of the respiratory tract such as asthma, bronchitis, whopping cough etc.
  • In many foods and beverages, red clover extracts are used as a flavoring agent.
  • Many women use red clover extracts to deal with conditions associated with menopause such as hot flashes, PMS (pre menstrual syndrome), tenderness of the breast and more.
  • Red clover extracts are also believed to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • Many herbal medicine practitioners also suggest the use of red clover for skin conditions such as sores, burns, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections and even skin cancer!
  • Some studies have also found that the extracts of this plant could be helpful in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In alternative medicine, red clover extracts are thought to be helpful in dealing with the conditions affecting the lymphatic system

It is important to be cautious with the use of red clover extracts– dietary amounts are safe, but when taken in access they could slow down blood clotting and cause rash-like reactions in certain people.