Oil Cleansing Ritual Tutorial

Have you ever thought that you could clean your face using natural oils? I must admit that I found it quite strange when I first heard of such thing. I have combined skin and I thought that an oil will make my face more oily, right?

Not quite so. There is a principle in chemistry: to solve the problems of oily skin it is advisable to use a substance similar in composition: another oil.

The benefits of this cleansing ritual which uses natural oils are undeniable because the skin will not come into contact with the chemical ingredients found in traditional products.

First you will face a detoxifying process for the skin to get rid of all impurities trapped in pores over time. It is a short period, up to one week.

It is possible that the skin seems loaded all this time because it eliminates toxins. But you must resist the urge to clean it with who knows what miracle chemical, hoping that things will work out.

This will actually happen: your face will look much better after getting rid of all the impurities that clog pores. You only need a little patience 🙂

Natural Oil Cleansing

The good news is that this method works for any skin type. Using natural oils regulates the secretion of natural sebum, unlike conventional cleaning products that have the opposite effect and lead to an imbalance.

What You’ll Need:

 Cold pressed olive oil
 Cold pressed castor oil (castor oil is a natural astringent that helps eliminate toxins from the skin)


Depending on your skin type, you can combine the two oils as follows:

  • Oily Skin: 1/3 parts castor oil and 2/3 parts olive oil
  • Combined Skin: 1/4 parts castor oil and 3/4 parts olive oil
  • Dry Skin: Olive oil and add very little castor oil

To find out the right combination for your skin, you should use small amounts to begin with, for example, 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 2 teaspoons of olive oil for oily skin. Adjust the amount depending on the way your skin feels.

What To Do Next?

Natural Oil Cleansing

Natural Oil Cleansing

Gently massage the face with the oil mixture. Use circular movements so you don’t irritate the skin. The massage should last 1-2 minutes.

You can even leave the mixture on for 10 minutes or until you feel that your skin is moisturized. It is necessary for skin to be dry before you apply the oils.

Makeup does not necessarily need to be removed, as the oils will handle this.

Natural Oil Cleansing

Soak a clean towel in hot water, squeeze it well and then cover your face with it. Steam will help the pores to open and eliminate impurities.

Keep the towel on your face for a minute. Use the towel edges to wipe off any oil traces left.

Normally, it should not be necessary to apply a moisturizer after this process. If you do feel the need, try to reduce the amount of astringent oil used for the cleansing ritual and apply a natural lotion.